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Tuesday, 8 December 2009
Stakelbeck of CBN: Controversial Louay Safi welcomed at Fort Hood

Erick Stakelbeck had a major report on CBN today about Louay Safi of ISNA's controversial appearance and lectures at Fort Hood last week. Many of us thought his lecture to departing troops was a mindless outrage by the Army command structure. Safi is the director of the Leadership Development Council at  Muslim Brothehood front, the Islamic Society of North America. His background includes a stint at the Saudi-financed International Institute of Islamic thought and being caught by the FBI on wire-tapped conversation in 1995 with  Sami Al-Arian, convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad US fundraiser and  former University of South Florica professor.  Safi's views on  apostasy include supporting enforcement of Sharia penalities, including possible death Fatwas for those leaving Islam.. 

According to Stakelbeck the Arrmy forgot to check these elemets of Safi's background, but gave him a pass because he didn't say anything controversial.  But  how could they know it wasn't pure taqiyya?  Add to that the check he brought for the beeaved families of those killed and injured by Major Hasan constituted 'blood money.'  We wonder what souces in the Arab Muslim ummah provided that largess.

Where was Stephen Coughlin, former Pentagon expert on Islamic War Doctrine, when the Army was seeking a knowledgeable expert to brief the troops at Fort Hood?

Stakelbeck noted this about the Army's feckless invitation that resulted in Safi's appearance at Fort Hood:

So how was Safi chosen to lecture at Fort Hood? A spokesman for the Army base told CBN News that "Safi was one of the faculty members during a seminar about Islam for the Army's 135th expeditionary unit.  He said speakers are invited based on learning objectives, audience experience, and availability.  The spokesman added that "organizers of the seminar were not aware of Safi's alleged association, but have had no issues or concerns over his presentations nor has any unit raised any."

However, those associations are not just alleged. They are concrete and all of them are readily available to the public just by doing a simple Google search on the Internet.

 Watch the Stakelbeck CBN report  here.



Posted on 12/08/2009 10:34 PM by Jerry Gordon
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