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Wednesday, 9 December 2009
The War Of Jenkins' Rabbit-Ears


Among the five most popular stories from the Wall Street Journal being read, this fleeting minute (as fleeting as that everlasting minute with which, discussing life's brief minuterie within the theme of mutability,  John Donne opens his "Devotions": "This minute I was well, and am ill, this minute.") is the following:

I should have expected it. The Internet is just like that bridge across the Bosporus where, it is said, if you stand at one end long enough,  everyone in the world will pass you by.

And if you read on-line long enough, every possible combination and permutation of famous phrases will, in  monkeys-banging-on-typewriters fashion, make an appearance.

And so today -- cometh the minute, cometh the man -- to cheer us up, is a good example: Jenkins On The Rabbit-Ears Wars, which is to say, The War of Jenkins' Rabbit-Ears.

Made my day. A day otherwise snowy, with wind gusts from the south.

Posted on 12/09/2009 3:49 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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