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Thursday, 10 December 2009
Tiger's Heart Would Be Wrapped In A Player's Hide

Tiger Woods surely wants desperately right now to play golf. Devoutly would he wish that there were a golf tournament -- no, a dozen tournaments -- that he could be playing in, playing in non-stop and seriatim, or even simultaneously --  at this point it hardly matters. He just wants to be out on the green, any green or mondegreen, both far from and deep within the madding crowd, among all those welcoming and inoffensive lies. He wants to be seen to be in love right now, with what, next to himself, has always been his steadiest and truest love: golf. 

"No red nor white was ever seen/So am'rous as this lovely green." 

He would wrap his cold heart in a player's hide, and hope to ride out the storm.

At least, that's my brittle take. That's my groatsworth of wit.

Posted on 12/10/2009 2:48 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
11 Dec 2009
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Potamac, Potemra, Potemkin, Wotevah 
Or: House of Cads & Caddies
Or: Rapping The Wrapper
Or: Black Panther, Black Panther,
      Burning White
Or: She Shota Hole In Juan (Don)
What Woods he is I think I know
His house is in Potemkin Village though
Before reading HF's post I had run across this
I'm not sure if, like HF, Mike Potemra (a former speech writer to three U.S. Senators), has a great mind, but my lil' lobes, prepped earlier by the former, thought along lines of something not found in the archives, to wit, news of H. Rap Brown and Huey Newton protesting a performance in black face by a South African golfer at an all-white country club in Augusta, Georgia ala
Gary Player rapped in panther's skin.
Also courtesy of HF's citations of the Bard:
To A Young Athlete Awash
In Multitudinous Seas Of Greenbacks
Or: Head Games
That early-laurelled head
Does not just play for fun
"Making the green in one" -
"Making the green," one read
- AE Avon