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Thursday, 10 December 2009
CAIR Claims it notified the FBI about the 5 Virginia terror suspects?

The Washington Times has a report on the 5 Virginia residents detained in Pakistan as possible al Qaeda recruits in which CAIR blows it horn that they contacted the FBI about these ‘missing young men.’  That’s a new twist for the defamed Muslim brotherhood front that figures prominently in the book, Muslim Mafia co-authored by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry. Ibrahim Hooper and Nihad Awad, CAIR founder, allege that the families of these young men, all carrying US passports, contacted them to find out why they went missing and CAIR in turn contacted the FBI. Here are their comments in this Washington Times report:

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said the five men raised concerns among their families when they left the country unannounced in November. After leaving, some of the men made calls back to the United States and the overseas ring raised additional suspicions.

The five all live in Northern Virginia and are acquaintances, but Mr. Hooper would not give additional information about the men to protect their families or compromise the ongoing investigation.

"The Muslim community took the lead in bringing the case to law enforcement authorities," Mr. Hooper said.

Nihad Awad, CAIR's national executive director, said at a Washington news conference that he had seen an 11-minute video left behind by one of the men, all reportedly 25 or younger. He said that in the video, the man "made references to the ongoing conflict in the world and that young Muslims have to do something."

"The video's about 11 minutes and it's like a farewell. And they did not specify what they would be doing. But just hearing and seeing videos similar on the Internet, it just made me uncomfortable," Mr. Awad said.

Johari Abdul-Malik, a local imam who is president of the Muslim Society of Washington, D.C., said family members saw nothing suspicious in their behavior.

"From all of our interviews, there was no sign they were outwardly radicalized," Mr. Abdul-Malik said.

The CAIR spokesmen comments appear to be disingenuous. But then Hooper and Awad are past masters at spreading taqiyya

The five suspects probably all grew up and attended radical mosques in Wahhabi Alley in northern Virginia like Dar al Hijrah. Dar al Hijrah was the nexus where radical American born Yemeni Imam Anwar al –Awlaki had preached and recruited for terrorist groups.

Why should we be surprised that Wahhabi Alley Mosques like Dar al Hijrah that spawned Fort Hood mass shooter, the Jihadi Major Hasan, wouldn’t also be the source of al Qaeda and Taliban recruits and future home grown terrorists?  We shouldn’t. 

The real danger is that these five young Muslim Americans were carrying US passports and that is troubling. Note what a US military intelligence official said in this Washington Times report:

The U.S. military intelligence official said Pakistan told the U.S. of the arrests Wednesday. He added that getting five American recruits would be a major coup for al Qaeda or any other Islamist jihad group.

"[CIA Director] Michael V. Hayden, [Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike] Mullen and others have long said that al Qaeda was recruiting and training Westerners and people familiar with the West," the military intelligence official said. "U.S. passports are especially prized."

The enormous value of Americans to al Qaeda means that the group takes extra care with U.S. recruits. However, the military intelligence official explained, this also makes it difficult to determine at what stage of training the group may have been.

Michael Cutler, a former Immigration special agent and critic, had this comment in an email:

As you read the news article, please pay special attention to the way that terrorists often use false names or alter their names in order to hide in plain sight as they go about their preparations to carry out terrorist attacks.

The use of false names is a component of how immigration fraud is often perpetrated. I have been doing everything in my power, ever since I decided to speak out about the way that terrorists and criminals have become adept at gaming the immigration system in order to conduct their crimes of extreme violence against their innocent victims.

Immigration fraud was what made the terrorist attacks of 1993 in our country possible, first at the CIA in January 1993 and then, just one month later when terrorists planted and detonated a powerful truck bomb in the garage of the World Trade Center that left 6 innocent people dead, hundreds injured and an estimated one half billion dollars in damage inflicted on that iconic jewel of the Manhattan skyline.

As I have also noted, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency of the Department of Homeland Security that is charged with adjudicating all of the various applications for immigration benefits including the conferring of resident alien status upon aliens and even United States citizenship. That agency has been blasted in a succession of reports of investigations conducted by the GAO (General Accountability Office) and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) which is the "Internal Affairs" unit for every government agency.

Something is going on in American Mosques and it is spawning homegrown Jihadis. Note that this revelation follows  the recent indictments by US prosecutors in Minneapolis of Somali American émigré recruiters for Somali terror group al Shabaab who appear to have close connections to local area Mosques. According to a recent report by the Mapping Sharia project of the Center for Secuity Policy, three quarters of American Mosques are funded by Saudi Wahhabist groups espousing Jihad Islamic doctrine. That is the ideological soil that is nurturing the rise of home grown American recruits for Islamic terror groups. Will our politically correct counterterrorism programs and immigration enforcement programs do anything to deter this?  Somehow given the current outreach to the Muslim umma by President Obama, we sincerely doubt it.

Posted on 12/10/2009 5:48 AM by Jerry Gordon
10 Dec 2009
Send an emailAlan Kornman

Excellent piece Mr. Gordon.  Just read the AP piece in my local paper and got the expected PC spin.  Your piece is a very effective PC antidote and keeps my blood pressure down.

Keep up the good work

Alan Kornman