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Tuesday, 15 December 2009
The American Government Has The Power And Should Use It

I found at, that indispensable site, a video of one MIsh'an al-Jabouri, a Sunni Arab from Iraq, now in Syra, inciting on Arrai TV, a satellite channel he owns, a campaign of murder against American soldiers in Iraq on, because, as a Sunni Arab, al-Jabouri will never accept the new, lesser status of the Sunni Arabs - who are going, of course, to have to accept this status, or find themselves in an oil-less rump state consistiing of Anbar Province, and some of Diyala Province, and not much else.

What interested me is not the hysteria followed by suavity followed by suavity-with-an-undercurrent-of-hysteria. That I am used to from Muslim Arab spokesmen. That is par for the course. No, what interested me was that he knows he is being recorded by MEMRI, knows that the record of what he says, and what his satellite television channel beams to its audience displays, can and will be known, through the good work of MEMRI, to members of Congress. And that gives him pause. That causes him to think about toning things down.

But "toning things down" a little or even a lot is not enough. He should be put off the air entirely. And so should Al Manar, and a dozen other Arab or Muslim channels.

And here's what I learned that was of most interest. Apparently, the American government has power over the owners of these satellites, and can threaten them if they carry stations deemed inimical to the United States. Any channel spreading Islam is inimical to the United States, and to the other Infidel nation-states. But at least let's start, now that we know such a power exists, to exercise that power, and shut down, by way of warning, all of the channels mentioned by Al-Jabouri. Every single one, whether they promise to "tone things down" as he does on this show, or not. It doesn't matter.

Once upon a time it was "we have the Maxim gun, and they have not." Today, "we have the satellite technology, and they have not." It is true that in the field of nuclear weapons, some Muslims -- A. Q. Khan's name heads all the rest -- have managed to steal secrets from the West, and then, Muslims who trained in the West have constituted the cadre of weapons scientists who work on the development of such weapons. But the Arabs and Muslims have no real technological base, and it is Islam itself that is the greatest barrier to the development of both theoretical and applied science in the lands of Islam.

Right now, if the Americans can dictate to the satellite owners what programs they can carry, they should dictate away. Start with banishing Al-Jabouri and all his tribe.

Meanwhile, watch al-Jabouri at

Posted on 12/15/2009 8:10 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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