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Friday, 18 December 2009
Annoying Americanism of the Season

What the bloody hell is a "holiday season"? Where has this "Happy Holidays" malarkey come from?

It's brass monkeys out there, yet Americans are apparently stripping off to their swimming trunks (or whatever they call them), grabbing a bucket and spade and sporting a little stick of Blackpool rock. And this abomination is creeping into England. Away with it.

Merry Christmas, like it or lump it.

Posted on 12/18/2009 4:55 PM by Mary Jackson
20 Dec 2009

And we literal-minded Yanks keep wondering why you guys dignify your vacations (vacations, when the mind goes vacant) with the name holy-days. We ask ourselves, "What's so gol-durn holy about a vacation?"

We're slow. This isn't always a bad way to be. But I still say Merry Christmas to y'all.


19 Dec 2009
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While it's true that the PC Left is the Establishment these days.  Energy is gathering for a counterinsurgency, where Christians are no longer kowtowed by guilt mongers and name callers, and are unashamedly embracing and promoting their culture....and not apologizing to anyone for it. 

The return of Western Civilization, if not self confident, at least interested in self preservation.... is at hand.