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Saturday, 19 December 2009
Carmen Herrera Still Painting, And Now Selling, At 94

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Posted on 12/19/2009 9:05 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
19 Dec 2009
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A Georgia In Grey Panther's Skin
Or:George Inness & Outess
Or:Rugae By Any Other Name
     Would Smell As Sweet
Or: More "Bent Spinster"
Or: "Love Triangles"

"When pressed about what looks to some like a sensual female shape in the painting, she said: 'Look, to me it was white, beautiful white, and then the white was shrieking for the green, and the little triangle created a force field. People see very sexy things — dirty minds! — but to me sex is sex, and triangles are triangles'.”

Fiddlesticks!  What was that phrase translated from the Latin? - "Evil is in the eye of the beholder"? - cited by what was his name? - "Artemis Longa"?  Someone should read Herrera her Carmen Miranda rights and tell the old bat that she couldn't hold a candle* to Georgia O Queef, who was sometimes, as Lenny Bruce might have said, "working blue," as shown below:

I preferred to pay homage, not to Georgia, but to George in my:

The Lackanookie Valley**

- Grandma "Hose Us" Moses, The Great Barrier Queef Down Under

* sorry - must search archives for that one