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Monday, 21 December 2009
Washington Times Exclusive: U.S. tries to thin Taliban with jobs, cash offers

Breaking News:  The United States has finally realized that the motivation for jihad is ... [drum roll please] ... poverty!  A brilliant new plan is now ready to be unveiled: we will offer money and jobs to Mullah Omar and his minions.  If only the United States had thought of this earlier, and tried this years ago.  From the Washington Times:

The United States and its allies are stepping up efforts to persuade Afghan insurgents to put down their arms by negotiating with representatives of Mullah Mohammed Omar and other Taliban commanders and offering cash and jobs to low-level fighters, according to Pakistani, Middle Eastern and U.S. officials and analysts.

The efforts, coupled with an increased U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, are meant to weaken the insurgency and promote a negotiated end to the region's violence.

"The strategy is to peel away so many fighters" from the insurgent chiefs that they will be left like "floating icebergs and have no one left to command," said Kenneth Katzman, an Afghanistan specialist at the Congressional Research Service.

Several Pakistani, Middle Eastern and U.S. officials said in interviews that Saudi and Pakistani officials, acting with tacit American encouragement, are talking with "second tier" Taliban leaders connected with Mullah Omar. The Washington Times reported recently that Mullah Omar has been hiding in the Pakistani metropolis of Karachi and was brought there with the knowledge of Pakistani intelligence.

"You've got a lot of players involved in the effort," said a U.S. official with knowledge of the talks, "not just within the U.S. government, but foreign partners, too."

The Saudis and Pakistanis.  Are negotiating with the Taliban.  For our benefit.

The official, who spoke on the condition that he not be named because of the sensitivity of the topic, added: "U.S. intelligence isn't the lead on talking to members of the Afghan Taliban who may be interested in discussing reconciliation. But when it makes sense, the [U.S.] intelligence community is brought in for its expertise, relationships and judgment."

Matthew 15:14:  "Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."

Posted on 12/21/2009 10:31 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
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