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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Pakistani Muslims gun down Christian friend

Qur'an 5:51: "Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends."   From Compass Direct News:

A group of Muslims shot their Christian friend dead this month on the outskirts of this town after saying they would spare his life only if he recanted his faith, according to the young man’s father.

The friends of Patras Masih, who died from gunshot wounds on Dec. 3 in Karol village, Punjab Province, issued the ultimatum to him after accusing him of the murder of their friend Anees Mahammad. An autopsy reported showed Mahammad died from toxic alcohol earlier that day.

Patras Masih’s father, Gulzar Masih, said his son was at home on that day, had no contact with Mahammad, and that his friends accused him of the murder only because he refused to recant Christianity and embrace Islam.

On Dec. 1, Mahammad and three other Muslim friends of Patras Masih – Sohail Muhammad, Imran Muhammad and Amir Muhammad – had arrived with unknown Muslim men and asked Masih to help them find liquor, Gulzar Masih told Compass. Pakistani law forbids Muslims from buying or consuming alcohol. Locally brewed liquor in rural areas of Pakistan can be fatally toxic; this month 14 people died from locally brewed, toxic liquor in Pakistan’s Punjab Province, news website Express India reported today.


His voice full of grief, Gulzar Masih said that on Dec. 3, his son’s three Muslim friends arrived at their doorway yelling that he had killed Mahammad, and that they would spare his life only if he converted to Islam. They accused Patras Masih of serving Mahammad a toxic drink in their home the previous day.

When Patras Masih refused to recite the Islamic conversion creed, his father said, Sohail Muhammad, Imran Muhammad and Amir Muhammad sprayed bullets at his chest, killing him instantly.

A familiar story: Muslims blaming a Christian for the actions of a Muslim, in this case a Muslim who chose to drink home-brewed liquor.

Posted on 12/22/2009 1:38 AM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
25 Feb 2010
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 I am not a muslim, so please don't hate me for this, but in interpreting the ku'ran, and the bible (feed any children to bears lately?), literally, you do both an injustice... a more subtle opinion can be achieved, seeking unity and not divisiveness, and I reprint one here...



22 Dec 2009

This  had  & has always been the way islam was spread & forced to the people (sword, guns or bombs) never through natural faith and the reason for that is they are following the big boss's example(mohammed).Otherwise islam would have never taken place but rejected like this Masih who is now in heaven. These people(muslim murderers) hell is waiting for them with mohammed roasting down there.