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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Rifqa Bary got her Christmas mail today and more

Kudos to “Barbarossa” at the Jawa Report.  He or she ought to be pleased with the results of today’s Rifqa Bary custody hearings  in the Franklin County juvenile court before Magistrate Mary Goodrich .   The Columbus Dispatch reported that the ‘Grinch-like” motion filed by CAIR-supplied counsel Tarazi was withdrawn. As you may recall  we posted that  compliant would have denied Miss Bary access to Christmas cards and other mail . Further,  Magistrate Goodrich  ruled that Rifqa need not be subjected to family mediation.

A new hearing date has been set for January 19th.  That hearing would address two issues: wayward child and dependency petition.   We understand that her Florida attorney John Stemberger will discuss today’s positive hearing results tomorrow morning on “Fox & Friends.”

Here is  an excerpt from this afternoon’s edition of the Columbus Dispatch  report, “Magistrate rules that runaway doesn't have to sit down with parents”:

There were several issues resolved today at the hearing in Franklin County Juvenile Court, including:

  • Mediation. Magistrate Mary Goodrich said issues now being discussed would best be resolved with individual counseling instead of group mediation.
  • Third-party messages. Bary's parents don't want her to receive any cards or letters directly, and had filed a motion that any messages first go to Franklin County Children Services. Omar Tarazi, the family's attorney, withdrew that motion today.
  • Rifqa's mental health. Assistant County Prosecutor Chris Julian said that a counselor was trying to determine whether 17-year-old, whose full name is Fathima Rifqa Bary, has post-traumatic stress disorder.

A case plan that Franklin County Children Services filed recently with the court says the family should try to work out its differences, with the goal of having Rifqa move back in with her parents. But only Children Services signed the plan, which is not binding unless it becomes a court order.

Let’s hope that in the New Year, sweet reason prevails and the Ohio court grants the dependency petition for Miss Bary under favorable terms.  If that occurs it would frustrate the designs of the Noor Islamic Center and CAIR to get her back with her family and into the clutches of the Mosque leaders.

 All of her  friends and supporters feel great relief with today’s juvenile court rulings.  While much remains to be done to achieve her personal liberty and freedom rest assured that ultimate victory be achieved.  Merry Christmas  Rifqa.  Peace and joy be unto you.

Posted on 12/22/2009 7:51 PM by Jerry Gordon
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