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Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Bishop says plans for Muslim school in Burnley 'makes him weep'

From The Telegraph
A bishop says a plan to open Britain’s largest Muslim faith school in a town still recovering from race riots eight years ago as “makes him weep" and claims it risks creating tensions.
The Rt Rev John Goddard, the Bishop of Burnley, suggested it would be more sensitive for the Islamic charity behind the project to consider a location in another part of the country.
His greatest fear is that the presence of the all girls’ school – which hopes to take 1,500 teenage boarders from around the world – might inflame Right-wing extremists and therefore “skew” the progress being made in integrating local communities. Thats it, chuck in the obligatory bogey man distraction.
The bishop also pointed out that both the Church of England hierarchy, and that of the Roman Catholic Church, deliberately held back from establishing their own new faith schools in the aftermath of the 2001 riots. Does he not know that Islam comes to our lands to dominate and not be dominated. Read Patrick Sookhedeo.
Bishop Goddard’s comments follow a warning by Gordon Prentice, Labour MP for Pendle, that the school, described as a Muslim 'Eton' for girls, would both damage existing schools and colleges in the area and stoke community tensions.
The Mohiuddin Trust, based in Birmingham, insists that its college would actually strengthen ethnic and cultural relationships within the community.  The Islamic community that is, for to a Muslim there is no other kind.
Amjad Bashir, the trust’s general secretary, said of the Burnley scheme: “This will be an international community college that will provide for the needs of Islamic women. It is not just some mad place where they are going to be brainwashed by nonsense.”
Bishop Goddard told The Daily Telegraph: “I’ve certainly got concerns, and I regret the idea of it because it distracts us from the most important task of integrating.
“Until other projects develop, the local schools are our best hope of delivering understanding and tolerance.”
Bishop Goddard told The Daily Telegraph: “I’ve certainly got concerns, and I regret the idea of it because it distracts us from the most important task of integrating. Until other projects develop, the local schools are our best hope of delivering understanding and tolerance.”
He added: “I wonder whether it is the most sensitive placing of a school. I would worry about its impact on the local community and whether it would skew the positive things that are happening here.”
Since the Burnley riots local schools have been given a £250 million makeover, with a number of closures and amalgamations. Which were not universally popular among the indigenous population if I recall comments in the local papers correctly. Local councils have used the changes as a means of improving relationships between ethnic groupings.
Bishop Goddard recalled how in the aftermath of the riots the Church of England held back from pushing for a faith school. Similarly, the Bishop of Salford, the Rt Rev Terence Brain, decided not to seek the foundation of a Catholic Sixth Form College.
Dear Bishops, this is the lesson learnt the hard way. Now get out there and preach the Good News. Its time to turn the flood.
Dr Mohammed Iqbal, a Mohiuddin trustee, said: 'At this moment it's difficult to offer a detailed response about the courses to be offered as we are still in the preliminary planning stages.
“We do, however, expect to offer a variety of skills and courses. A-levels are being considered but may not be available as soon as the college starts.  Our objective is to offer young women the opportunity to empower themselves with better qualifications with the aim of improving chances of securing better employment.”
Without A-levels how are girls going to access further education and get this 'better employment'. Or is the 'better employment' really a 'better bride price'?

Posted on 12/23/2009 2:18 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
23 Dec 2009

Besides reading the works of Canon Patrick Sookhdeo, Bishops Goddard and Brain need to read the books about Islam and women, by Canon Sookhdeo's wife Rosemary; they need to read Hannah Shah's 'The Imam's Daughter'  to discover how powerfully alluring Christianity can be to little girls from Muslim families; they could watch Rifqa Bary's testimony on youtube; they could read Gulshan Esther's 'The Torn Veil' and Bilquis Sheikh's 'I Dared to Call Him Father'; and they could read, too, Nonie Darwish, the incredibly moving portion of her book on sharia, 'Cruel and Usual Punishment, in which she describes the powerful impact upon her, as a Muslim girl in Egypt in the 1960s, of the portrayal - in an old Hollywood movie, broadcast on TV - of a traditional Christian wedding; she *knew* that what she was seeing was NOT what she could even dare to hope for, as an Egyptian Muslim girl; but O how she wanted what she saw!  

The bishops should talk to Hannah Shah and Nonie and other female apostates from Islam to Christianity, face to face; and ask how they (the bishops, and the wider church community) can help to make this trickle of brave apostates become an unstoppable flood.

And they should go right ahead and build the Christian schools for girls...and if some nominally Muslim families want to send daughters there, because it is a girls-only environment, let them...

The bishops might also like to talk to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and hear the advice she gave - she, an apostate from Islam, an atheist, a follower of the path of pure Reason - to the UK and the Dutch and the US governments: *do not permit the building of Islamic schools, for they are dangerous*.  (She explicitly said that there was no need at all to ban *all* faith-based schools; just the Islamic ones, for they were NOT the same kind of innocent thing as, say, the Jewish and Catholic schools; they [the islamic schools] were socially and politically dangerous.)  Ayaan, who knows what the revivalists of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk are peddling, because she learnt it all about it as a Muslim girl in Kenya, could tell the bishops all the good reasons why they - the bishops, and the Christian community and indeed the entire non-Muslim community in general - should be out in the streets, if necessary, calling for a complete halt to the building of even one more Islamic school anywhere in the west.