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Tuesday, 29 December 2009
Is Regime Change Coming to Iran? - an interview with Amil Imani

by Amil Imani with Jerry Gordon (January 2010)

Introduction: Since the fraudulent June 12th Presidential elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), an increasingly emboldened opposition, the green movement, has arisen to demand the overthrow of the IRI. The green movement refuses to desist from launching massive street protests in Tehran, Qum, Isfahan and other major Iranian cities. All this is occurring despite violence wreaked upon thousands of valiant regime opponents by the ruling Mullahs and President Ahmadinejad. As of this writing more than 15 have been killed in clashes with Iranian security services including the nephew of reformist Presidential candidate Mir Mouhammed Mousavi, former IRI Prime Minister. Moreover several dissident leaders have been jailed. Something major is brewing in Iran - possibly revolution.  more>>>
Posted on 12/29/2009 8:16 AM by NER
21 Sep 2010

 It is good to read an optimistic assessment. In the current political environment there is despair of finding a positive outcome.

It is particularly good to hear an Iranian's advice on the advisability of a pre-emptive strike and what America and Israel can best do to help Iran.

I hope the Iranian people are successful in transforming Iran again into an advanced and civilized society.

17 Jan 2010
Send an emailGodfrey deBouillon

Amil, my brother, today is Sunday and I will shortly go to church where I will pray for the victory of the Iranian secular revolution and the self-liberation of Iran. I was very glad to read this interview with you this morning.

10 Jan 2010
Sarah Kovach

I have been following many end time/prophecy websites/current events recently.  This article was very comprehensive and certainly needs to be read by both the US and Israeli governments/ officials who are capable of making strategic decisions.  Isn't there a way to email this article to several top government officials in hopes that someone will actually read it and act rather than sit back and wait for Israel to possibly attack Iran's nuclear sites?  This author seems to have great insights on his own country and it just seems like this information needs to be sent to the decision makers of the US and Israel.  Thanks, Sarah

2 Jan 2010


You really do need to read the article before commenting.  Neither the interviewer or interviewee suggested a complete halt to all exports to Iran.  In fact, they made it a point that food and medical supplies would be entirely unimpaired.  You seem to be more concerned about the well-being and comfort of the mullahs than the people of Iran.  Also, you unwisely brought up Saddam Hussein.  No one starved the Iraqi people other than Saddam.  An "Oil for Food" program was set up and monitored by the United Nations shortly after the Persian Gulf War ended in 91'  Billions in oil revenue were used each year to provide supplies to the Iraqi population until the beginning of 2003.  Saddam systematically diverted supplies for resale, arranged for kickbacks from suppliers, and also sold oil on the side through Jordan to avoid paying back Kuwait and feeding his own people during the life of the Oil for Food Program.  Saddam put the squeeze on his own people in order to enrich himself and rebuild his military.  Don't blame others for what that leader did. 

2 Jan 2010
Cyrus Gibson

Thank you Amil for doing this interview,

Long Live His Late Imperial Majesty, the compassionate Shah of Iran.

Long Live the Pahlavi Kings (aka the Patriots) !!!

1 Jan 2010
Send an emailal Rassooli

Mr Imani's analysis is reasoned and correct. Only if the Iranian Army sides with its people will the Mulla regime collapses.

The Shah lost because the Army refused to go against its own people. The youth of Iran, representing almost 60% or more of its population, are sick of & disgusted with the Islamic regime that stifles every single type of freedom.

The most sickening item is the total lack of public support in Europe & the USA for these very brave young men & women.

All we get are demonstrations for the Palestinians. Are the Iranians less deserving of support or is there a Double Standard?

IQ al Rassooli

31 Dec 2009
Send an emailWilliam

My concern is about the terror proxies around the world that still work for the Mullahs. What will happen to Nasrallah and Hizbullah, Mashaal and Hamas, the rebel groups in Yemen getting support for attacks on Sunnis, etc. when the Clerical rule in Iran ends?

My guess is they will do two things: 1) create a tremendous amount of carnage in order to pull the world's eye away from the Iranian regime - much like Hizbullah launched attacks on the eve of a G8 summit that was set to discuss Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions, and 2) behave like the WWII Japanese soldiers on isolated islands that continued to fight, choosing to disblieve that Japan had surrendered.

Since the world, especially Europe, proves pretty gutless when it comes to following through on moral issues despite the pain, how can we be sure continued support for the Iranian opposition and a collective force against the Mullah's terror proxies once the major battles erupt and times get tough for all?

The Mullahs have always used terror proxies to their own end, and even in the twilight of its rule, can be expected to rush in the last Mahdi with as much destruction as possible.

31 Dec 2009

The collapse of Irans present regime will weaken radical Islam temporarily ,perhaps allowing Israel to defeat its nearer enemies as described in Psalm 83 war scenario to become the great and wealthy nation dwelling securely which the russian led coalition attacks in Ezekiel 38.The actions of Obama seem to be wait to see what happens then claim the glory afterwards.

29 Dec 2009

The suggestions given by author are barbaric and useless to say the least. As seen in Iraq , stopping international companies doing business with Iranian regime is akin to strangling people of Iran and not the regime of Iran. If you stop all trade headed to Iran and stop all international business with Iran , it would create problems for people of Iran and it would put them in same group as Iranian regime.

These sanctions had ZERO effect in bringing Iraqi regime change instead it resulted in people getting deprived of food , medicine and basic needs !