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Tuesday, 25 April 2006
Belgian demonstration preemptive?
Yesterday, I noted the politically correct press coverage  of a massive strike in Brussels over the mugging death of a Belgian youth. It turns out the authorities misinformed the demonstrators and everybody else as to the origins of the murderers. The Brussels Journal reports:

The Brussels police and judiciary have apologized to the North African community. On 13 April, one day after the murder of 17 year old Joe Van Holsbeeck, the office of the public prosecutor issued a statement saying the murderers were two “North African youths.” This did not seem unlikely because Van Holsbeeck had been knifed and some Muslim youths are skilled with knives. Though it is illegal in Belgium to slaughter livestock at home, this happens on a very large scale in Brussels during the annual Muslim feast of sacrifice.

Yesterday evening, however, the police arrested a 16 year old Polish born youth for the murder. The second culprit, who actually knifed Joe Van Holsbeeck and who is also thought to be a Polish minor, has not been found yet. Belgian radio and television said tonight that he has probably fled to Poland, where the murder has led to widespread indignation.

Large-scale illegal slaughter of livestock in "Belgian" homes?  Who does the cleaning up?  Illegal multiple wives?

Many thanks for the heads up to Dymphna at Gates of Vienna.  Her report here frames the story quite nicely. 
Posted on 04/25/2006 4:07 PM by Robert Bove
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