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Saturday, 13 May 2006
What a mistaka to maka

The beeb boobs again.  From The Times.

IT WAS not until midway through the live television interview that the BBC interviewer started to grow suspicious. The man whom she believed to be an expert on internet music downloads seemed to know precious little about his subject.  

Not only that, but the stocky black man with the strong French accent bore little resemblance to the picture on the expert’s website, which showed a slim white man with blue eyes and blond hair.

The corporation’s News 24 channel apologised to its viewers yesterday and admitted that its interviewee was not Guy Kewney, the respected editor of, but a local taxi driver.

The cabbie, who is better qualified to talk about traffic jams in Shepherds Bush, answered questions for several minutes on Apple Computer’s victory at the High Court against Apple Corps, the record label for the Beatles, The Times has learnt.

What about Apple? “I don’t know,” the driver replied. “I’m not at all sure what I’m doing here.”

It later emerged that the driver had been waiting for a client at the BBC Television Centre in West London, when a studio manager mistook him for the expert.

Confused but co-operative, he agreed to follow the manager to a studio, where he was promptly fitted with a microphone and placed in front of a camera.......Mr Kewney, meanwhile, was still waiting in reception when he saw the taxi driver being introduced under his name...... He added that it was especially surprising because the man, who spoke with a French accent, looked nothing like him. “I’m not black. I’m not-black on a startling scale; I’m fair-haired, blue-eyed, prominent-nosed, and with the sort of pale skin that makes my dermatologist wince each time I complain about an itchy mole.”

Fair haired? Look at his picture on the website. He's ginger. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud to be ginger.  Ginger is good.

The driver’s sang-froid slipped only when Ms Bowerman introduced him. In a video clip, which BBC staff can access through the corporation’s Jupiter cuttings system, a moment of realisation flashes across the man’s face. “Unfortunately we did make a mistake and the wrong guest was briefly interviewed on air before we cut to our reporter,” a spokeswoman said. “We apologise to viewers for any confusion.”                                                                  

                                                                                That's almost as good as the occasion on Top of the Pops when a picture of Jackie Wilson the soul singer was expected to be placed as a backdrop behind the band Dexy's Midnight Runners while they mimed to their 1982 hit, Jackie Wilson Says. What actually appeared was a large portrait of Jocky Wilson the darts champion.

Update Monday 15 May.  The man interviewed is  called Guy Goma, he comes from the Congo and he had come for a job interview so you can see how the mistake could happen. His interview can be seen here. And the look on his face is a picture.

Posted on 05/13/2006 8:27 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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