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Sunday, 21 May 2006
The last Zeedonk

I wrote elsewhere last week about how the disappointing Rita Verdonk no longer reminded me of the Zeedonks of Colchester Zoo.

I have returned from a family outing to Colchester Zoo yesterday so allow me to present to you, Shadow the Zeedonk.

The Zeedonk was the result of an accidental mating with a  male Chapman’s zebra and a female Black ass (donkey) in 1971. Thoughts on hybrids have changed since them and no more have been breed in the UK. There were three at Colchester, they have a life span of 30 odd years but Shadow is the last. He lives with a half dozen zebra, 3 giraffe, ostriches and the rhinos so he is not lonely. There is one other Zeedonk called Adam who was born in the Usa who lives in a wildlife park in Kent.

Posted on 05/21/2006 1:28 AM by Esamerelda Weatherwax
21 May 2006
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Wasn't there a "shebra" in the news a few years ago - a cross between a zebra and a shetland pony?

Of course you can cross a sheep with a kangaroo, and get a woolly jumper.