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Tuesday, 30 May 2006
War on Heteros -- the Opening Shots

I picked up this item via Larry Auster's blog

"The director of the Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition against racism (CEOOR), a governmental agency in Belgium, has told the press that the stigmatization or discrimination of majorities is not real discrimination.  These days the CEOOR is distributing 100,000 post cards with the message 'Vuile Hetero' (in Dutch) or 'Sale Hétéro' (in French), which in English translates to: 'Dirty Heterosexual'.  In a press release, the center explains that this is a 'provocative boomerang campaign' intended to demonstrate 'the kind of insults homosexuals are frequently subjected to'.

"And provocative it proved to be. The campaign led Jan Van Gucht, a 54 year old man living near the Flemish city of Kortrijk, to go to the police and file a complaint against the CEOOR.  He told newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws:  'I am a heterosexual man and I did not choose to. I was born this way, and I do not want to be insulted...'

"...CEOOR's director Jozef De Witte laughs away Van Gucht's objections: 'I have a number of experts working for me who know what discrimination is. The stigmatization of a majority is not really part of that. Discrimination is something that by definition affects minorities.'"

[Derb]  I tell you, it's war.  The end point of this, if people like Mr. De Witte win, will be a situation like that in Charles Beaumont's story "The Crooked Man," about a future world where homosexuality was the norm and heterosexuality is illegal.  The hero gets arrested for a secret tryst with a woman.  That's where we're headed.  You heard it here first.  (Unless you read the Beaumont story, which was circa 1955.)

Posted on 05/30/2006 6:30 PM by John Derbyshire
31 May 2006
Send an emailJason Pappas
It?s odd how it has become fashionable to denigrate the majority. Perhaps we?ll even see oppression of the majority become fashionable. Does that mean we?re headed for rule by the few (oligarchy) or an individual (dictatorship)? After all, the majority be damned!

31 May 2006
Send an emailRobert Bove
A few years ago I received an unexpected email from a boyhood friend I hadn't been in touch with in decades. He had, it seemed, both converted to Christiniaty (Episcopal Church) and come out as gay--and he wanted everyone else to know, too. His parents, Reformed Jewish, were only upset because he became a Christian. One thing I remember about the email that struck me as daft: He said homosexuals were the best hope for the "redemption of America." At the time, I thought it was merely ludicrous. Now, I'm not so sure.