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Wednesday, 31 January 2007
Police foil 'terrorist kidnap plot'
According to Independent Television News the intended target for this plot was a young Muslim soldier in the British army who had served in Afghanistan,  film him pleading for his life and then kill him.
West Midlands Police refused to confirm claims that the target had been identified, made aware of the threat and placed under protective custody. The alleged kidnap plot was said to have been in the later stages of planning.
Remember that in the Dispatches programme, Undercover Mosque on Channel 4 recently one cleric denounced another Muslim soldier in the British Army who had been killed in Afghanistan. The newspapers called the soldier a Hero of Islam. According to the cleric the true hero was the one who struck off his head. Two of the mosques investigated by the programme were Sparkbrook and Green Lane, in  Birmingham, both of which serve the area where these arrests have been made. It looks to me like someone has taken the sermon seriously.
More here from the This is London website.
Posted on 01/31/2007 8:07 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
31 Jan 2007
Just got this e-mail from one of my sisters's in-laws (she is married to a Sikh guy) who lives in Birmingham:


Nobody is shocked by any of this. People have been saying for a long time that its only a matter of time before something big in terms of a terrorist plot was uncovered in Brum. Just go into some areas and see the jihadi posters and meetings for dawah in which all infidels must be converted. Sikhs been saying for long time now that this extremism is on the rise because there are always fights and tensions in schools when the Sikh kids are targetted by extremists, the only shock is that it is a plot to do a beheading. I personally thought that there would be a terrorist bombing or a suicide attack in the Bullring or on Broad Street organised by one of these groups. Go into any Islamic bookshop and you can feel the bad vibes here. Indian kids finish school and go home do their homework. Pakistani kids go straight to madrassas in terraced houses and churn out brainwashing. There are hundreds if not thousands of them being brainwashed in Birmingham everyday to add to the unemployed and sullen with a paranoid fantasy of Islam the supreme. The channel 4 programme just shows you how Birmingham has become attractive to the jihadis. They even come from abroad to live here and it destroys the easy going vibe of the city.They are living on a different planet. Sick and tired of being called 'Asian', they are dragging England down and dragging us down too, we get racism because of this.

======= I have nieces and nephews who are half Indian and the thought of them growing up and having to cop flak because of these people turns my stomach. Let's see what Salma Yaqoob and the others say about this -- get ready for it being painted as a conspiracy to persecute Muslims.

31 Jan 2007
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