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Tuesday, 27 February 2007
Art of the Possible

Many emails from people riled up over my remarks about Rudy, guns, and immigration.  They all want to prove to me that Rudy is **NO CONSERVATIVE**, that he is a **CODDLER OF ILLEGALS** and furthermore a **GUN-BANNER AT HEART**.  They would never vote for Rudy, never be seen dead voting for him, never, NEVER.  Some of the parsing of that Rudy-Hannity interview would do credit to the guy that deciphered Linear B—all with the aim of proving what a despicable gun-grabber Rudy really is behind his lying, elitist facade.

Well, that's great, guys.  Lotsa luck getting Sam, Duncan, Tom, or Ron into the White House.  (Or staying home in disgust and watching Hillary, Barack, or John win the race.)

I went in to New York City to work darn near every day of Rudy Giuliani's mayoralty.  I don't need telling what he is, and isn't.  I not only worked, but actually lived, in NYC through most of the two previous mayoral terms (Koch III and Dinkins).  I'm well placed to judge Rudy's executive skills, and to compare him with liberals doing the same job.

Fight for what you believe in—I don't blame you.  Politics is still the art of the possible, though (sorry, WFB), and Rudy is possible.  Sam, Duncan, Tom, or Ron ain't.  Simple as that. 

Posted on 02/27/2007 5:29 PM by John Derbyshire
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