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Wednesday, 28 February 2007
Dozy bint of the week

There is no man so wicked or depraved that he can't find some woman to worship, aid and abet him. She may be his wife or girlfriend, or, if he is on death row, she may be his pen friend. She may be his mother – ooh, he was such a lovely boy, wouldn’t hurt a fly – or his sister – my brother a terrorist? He’s such a quiet lad, always saying his prayers.


And she may be his solicitor.


This week’s dozy bint is Gareth Pierce, a solicitor and “human rights expert”. (Human rights, in this context, means the rights of criminals, terrorists and jihadists rather than their victims.) Pierce has supported and defended former MI5 operator and traitor David Shayler, a number of the British Guatanamo detainees, including Mozzam Begg and Bisher Amin Khalil al-Rawi, and, more recently, Abu Qatada, a notorious “radical cleric” linked to Bin Laden and soon, we hope, to be kicked out of the country.


Gareth is a woman. Her full name is Jean Gareth Pierce. Jean, unless you’re French, is a woman’s name. So why use her middle name? It isn’t even one of those unisex names like Leslie or Hilary. It is an affectation, pure and simple. She looks like a man in drag and has a silly fringe. (It is wrong to make personal remarks, unless someone is a moral idiot, in which case anything goes.) She has a quiet, monotonous voice, which sounds infuriatingly reasonable when she is defending the indefensible, and which makes her opponents, despite their superior moral clarity, sound strident and irrational.


Pierce said that sending Qatada back to Jordan would be “grotesquely irreconcilable” with the concept of justice. No, what is grotesque is that a dangerous enemy alien has been allowed to stay for so long, and that she is defending him.


Behind every evil man, there is a dozy bint. And Gareth Pierce is dozy bint of the week.

Posted on 02/28/2007 5:19 AM by Mary Jackson
28 Feb 2007
Send an emailMorgan
I never heard of the term dozy bint until reading your post, although is was easy to comprehend the meaning in your context. Nevertheless, I searched for the phrase and discovered The English-to-American Dictionary online AND that Rex Manning's "friend" FakeShemp doesn't know what a dozy bint is but she's going to ask one of her British friends. The animated banner, with faces of cracked, gray baby dolls, on Rex's MySpace webpage says: "The Abandoned" (tagline: Death never runs out of time). A movie reviewer wrote: "Insanely scary and terrifically atmospheric chiller in Lucio Fulci mode". Not so, but Rex's MySpace is.

28 Feb 2007
Send an emailgreenmamba
Adopting the admittedly puerile use of anagrams in order to be frivolous, I found that "Gareth Pierce" conveniently becomes "Herpetic Rage".

Had she remained plain old "Jean Pierce", she could be a far more wholesome, "Jane Recipe".

28 Feb 2007
Send an emailEsmerelda Weatherwax

I have to disagree with you for once.

Before she had exotic islamics to free she acted for Irish terrorists, to whom she became "family"? However it is said that she disapproved (I don't know why, and I haven't seen the film in any event) of Emma Thompson's portrayal of her in the film In the Name of the Father.

Gareth Pierce, (she dropped Jean in the 70s when feminisim was most fashionable) is not dozy.? She has a brilliant mind and knows exactly what she is doing to undermine British Society these last 35 years.?A prime mover, not a dupe.

And I have been told she is hell to work for.