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Friday, 30 March 2007
Protest tomorrow at Iranian Embassy, London

Just in from the 910 Group:

URGENT:  Saturday, March 31: UK London Protest at Iranian Embassy for the Capture of the 15 Marines

From the 910 Group Forum:  Assuming the Marines are still captive, we are organizing a protest for Saturday, March 31 at 3pm outside the Iranian Embassy. It will be in Kensington Road (South side) 200 yards east of the junction with Prince's Gate - that's as near the Embassy as you are allowed to go to protest. Nearest tube is South Kensington - it's a 10 minute walk from there, but also on several bus routes.

Please come and bring placards. We will bring some leaflets, but please bring your own. Best is a copy of the front page of Thursday’s Sun, maybe with the email address of the Iran Embassy and postal address too, so people can write. The objective will be to get people to write/email the Iran Embassy to protest, and get press coverage of the public’s outrage.

If you can make placards, please do. For example, the smirking face of Ahmadinejad with "International Criminal: Release the 15 Marines Now" on it - can anyone do that?   Contact [email protected] right away.  Time is very short.

Posted on 03/30/2007 5:50 AM by Robert Bove
30 Mar 2007


  This demonstration is good news. Blogging has its place, but it has its limitations.

   It is a small start in the UK, for what should be a growingly confident campaign. It is certainly politically necessary. Some of  the 'left' is waking up to the nature of Islam, as Nick Cohen points out in 'What's Left'.  (What more evidence do they need?) Iranian opponents of AhmadineJIHAD are welcome to support the demonstration.

  It's good to know that there are supportive demonstrations in the USA  too.