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Friday, 30 March 2007
Tomorrow, love, at the Iranian Embassy

Alan writes re this post on the London demonstration slated for tomorrow at the gates of Iran in England (the Iranian Embassy) and similar demos tomorrow in the U.S., including at Ground Zero in Manhattan:

This demonstration is good news. Blogging has its place, but it has its limitations.

And the blogs are flourishing within their limitations.  The next 24 hours will tell how well these announcements of like-minded people gathering to effect political change vis a vis Islam are products of latter-day committees of correspondence—just as Muslims, using the Internet via cell phones, mass every time one of them is arrested for shattering civility in Paris (yes, no longer in the suburbs; now within the city). 

Bring cell phones.

Posted on 03/30/2007 4:45 PM by Robert Bove
30 Mar 2007
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We are al there, one way or the other, EW. 

30 Mar 2007
Send an emailEsmerelda Weatherwax

Unfortunately I cannot go to the London demonstration due to family commitments.

Could anybody who does go please report. Thanks.