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Saturday, 31 March 2007
The African Front

One very good reason to seize, with a few thousand troops, Darfur and the southern Sudan, and to hold both until the population of black Africans, the Christians and the animists in the south, where all the oil now producing can be found, and the nominal black African Muslims of Darfur, who may be keen at this point to rethink their commitment to "Arab" Islam, and may be susceptible to Christian missionaries, have had a chance to vote on a referendum on separating from the Arab Muslims who have been killing some of the southern peoples for twenty years, and those in Darfur for a mere five.

There is plenty to do in sub-Saharan Africa, to propagandize against the Arab slave trade, to urge the black African countries to sue the Arabs for reparations for that cruelest and longest and largest of all slave trades, and in other ways to split the black Africans from Islam.

Is there, in the vast Pentagon, a single room marked "Sub-Saharan Africa" where each country in Africa is marked with pins indicating Muslim and Christian and animist populations, and with the amount of Saudi money that has come in during the last two decades, and further noting of the resources (oil, uranium) and other strategic value of that country? Is there? Because if there isn't there had better be -- and not in five years, or one year, but starting right about a day after someone at the Pentagon -- you know who you are -- finishes reading this posting, and starts talking about the matter to others, higher up.

Black Africa can be taken back from Islam and its Arab masters. Islam can be seen, correctly, as merely a vehicle for Arab imperialism. It doesn't require much cleverness. But it requires some.

Posted on 03/31/2007 7:10 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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