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Friday, 27 April 2007
The Fate of Non-Islamic Artifacts

Some 35,000 petroglyphs located in Pakistan's Indus River area will soon be flooded by a giant dam. An archaeologist from Heidelberg is trying to save as much as he can before encroaching modernity destroys the remote area's cultural history. --from this news item

The destruction of pre-Islamic and non-Islamic artifacts, which took place everywhere that Islam conquered, continues to this day. The Bamiyan Buddhas were not a unique event, but merely an event that happened to take place in the last decade, rather than a century or two ago, because the explosives, and technical know-how (Pakistani and Saudi "engineers") had become available.

The Nazi soldiers, who left explosives in trees along the streets of Florence as they retreated, and were obviously hoping to blow up a good part of that city, are the only ones comparable to the Muslims in their willingness to destroy art and artifacts.

The entire city of Constantinople might have been destroyed, had the Young Turks had their way.

In Alan Moorehead's "Gallipoli" (the anniversary of that battle just passed) one reads the following:

"...the more ruthless of the Young Turks had already made their own arrangements for destroying the city rather than let the Allies have it. If they themselves had to go then all should go. They cared nothing for the Christian relics of Byzantium, and regarded patriotism as a higher thing than the lives of people who lived in the tumbledown wooden houses in Galata and Stamboul and along the Golden Horn." (p. 73).

"They cared nothing for the Christian relics of Byzantium..."

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28 Apr 2007
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