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Saturday, 28 April 2007
Catering to Muslims, American Style

From the International Herald Tribune

...Companies in the Detroit area, where there is a dense population of Muslims, are leading the change. A McDonald's there serves halal Chicken McNuggets; Walgreens has Arabic signs in its aisles. And now, Ikea, which recently opened a store in the suburb of Canton that has had trouble attracting as many Muslim customers as hoped, has been touring local homes and talking to Muslims to figure out their needs.

The store there plans to sell decorations for Ramadan next fall and is adding halal meat to its restaurant menu. Catalogues will be offered in Arabic, and female Muslim employees will be given an Ikea-branded hijab, to wear over their head if they wish.

Marketing to Muslims is, of course, mostly intended to increase the companies' sales. But advertising has also long been a mirror of changes in society...

Posted on 04/28/2007 1:35 PM by Rebecca Bynum
29 Apr 2007
Send an emailalfred Ferguson
V. I. Lenin had a phrase useful in the context of the Muslim threat: When it comes time for the hanging, the capitalist will sell us the rope. The capitalist, applauded by liberal fellow-travelers deluded and easily manipulated: "useful idiots" in Lenin's useful phrase.

The Muslim horde, advancing on Western Civilization by incredible, purblind immigration policies of liberal-muticultural agitators in Western nations with a liberal-dominated government directorial do not doubt their ultimate victory. They know their enemy-infidel too well to be in any doubt.

They know the accomodating pusillanimity and abiding guilt of Western liberals in the post-modern matrix: cultural relativism, acceptance of, even a reverence for, alien skin and strange ways as being somehow superior. . . at any rate free of the Enlightened materialism and individualism that has made your moderne liberal so comfortable and. . .free.

Surely the supreme irony, the supreme folly, in the realm of ideology. Useful idiots as the author of their own extinction.

Across town, the rush by mercantile elements to accomodate Muslim preference and prejudice is shocking only to those naive about tender sensibilities of free-market capitalism: when the Muslim requires a sword to chop off the heads of infidels, then some enterprising marketeer will offer a brand with the sharpest edge.

That particular useful idiot would gladly serve, gladly submit. Sound business practice.