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Wednesday, 30 May 2007
Islamic tries to woo gangland killer
An attempt at prison dawa fails down under. From The Australian
AN accused terrorist ringleader has reportedly tried to convert Melbourne's notorious gangland murderer Carl Williams to Islam in prison. Abdul Nacer Benbrika, who has been charged with directing a terrorist organisation and is awaiting trial, approached Williams in the hope he would embrace the path of the prophet Mohammed.
But Williams, who was this month sentenced to 35 years in jail for the murder of three gangland rivals, is believed to have immediately rejected the self-proclaimed cleric's advances.
Williams and Benbrika are separated in different areas of the maximum security Acacia unit at Barwon prison near Geelong, southwest of Melbourne, but the newspaper understands the Algerian-born accused terrorist was able to make contact with Victoria's worst serial killer while the pair were in the jail's exercise yard earlier this year.
Working on the chain gang?
Posted on 05/30/2007 2:17 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
31 May 2007
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Thanks for that Greykangaroo.

I do try to keep up with what is happening in Australia where I have 2nd and 3rd cousins (what Englishwoman hasn't?) but which I have never visited.


30 May 2007

This attempt at conversion has been going on in other prisons here including our supermax prison in New South Wales. I dont believe that Williams was very interested though?

From a range of news reports over the years, it seems that the non-military war is being conducted here in Australia in a very tactical but mostly quietly rhetorical manner that seeks to create a reaction in the "downtrodden" whichever group they might be.

It hasn't been terribly successful from a PR point of view as overt attempts to convert people who are rapists and thugs are often treated by the public as proof that Islam feeds on the violent amongst us and is not really a normal religion at all but more like a suicidal sect.

A recognised set of tactics by certain groups here include approaching Aboriginal people to stir up resentment of colonial treatment and marginalisation. This is primarily done by Australian muslims of Lebanese background. They run boxing halls and "youth clubs" and try to pretend that they are same oppressed mob as our Kooris.

Again, because of the very nature of the mostly anti-"white" language they use publicly , this only makes Australians by and large conclude that Islam tolerates and incites racism. It does attract of course a few young men with hormones racing until their older wiser dads set them straight on real Aboriginal issues versus manipulation by those with imported agendas.

Another tactic has been for Lebanese Australian criminals to supply drugs to Aboriginals in jail here in Australia.

One major prison here has separated people on ethnic grounds and this, in the words of one inmate in an ABC documentary, meant that the Lebanese couldn't supply drugs as easily to Aboriginal people.

Luring dependent people with drugs of dependency and then introducing them to anger, arab notions of "humiliation' and 'resistance' and overseas politics later on is tactical. The tactic is also quite unsuccessful although lives are definitely wrecked by drugs.

Essentially Aboriginal people are, speaking very generally, not particularly violent towards non-Aboriginals, they are also neither easily made angry nor are they excessively interested in world politics or in other groups' 'struggles'. They are often however, sadly interested in obtaining drugs and then like so many others, they might feel so bad they start to blame "society" and not the suppliers for their desperate situation.

In Australia, our most militant muslims are officially of Lebanese background and they mostly arrived in the 1980's, although the 'boss' muslim is a very militant eqgyptian.

Again, this guy has been very unsuccessful at getting across his rhetorical 'state within a state' anti-west message because he is quite abusive, elusive, contradictory, prone to claim he is very ill and also that he cant speak English. He has become a laughing stock these days.  Almost no one in Australia believes him on any topic due to his overt chauvinism and racism. He also lies when he is overseas as people keep taping his interviews when he is in Iran or Egypt.

Anyway, the battle of ideas is found down here like it is up there and so it goes on.