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Monday, 13 February 2006

UK readers, take a trip down memory lane. The BBC  is featuring classic public information films from the last 60 years.  Any US readers who consider the English to be rather quaint with poor dress sense and plummy accents will find that this is really true.

"Today's film is a real treasure. It's got everything you could want from a public information film - a slogan, dated costumes, a bit of nostalgia - but is also unintentionally amusing.

The Green Cross Code was introduced in 1971, with "splink" as a supposedly handy mnemonic. But surprise, surprise children found it too complicated. The Times of 10 July, 1974 (before this Pertwee film was released) reported that in a survey of 595 children aged between seven and 15, precisely none could remember the drill in full. Furthermore, only 18% of children chose the safest place to cross the road. "

"Splink" has to be the worst mnemonic ever.  Not only is it meaningless, but the individual letters don't stand for anything that makes sense. The video clip is a must, though, if only for those tank tops.

Posted on 02/13/2006 8:54 AM by Mary Jackson
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