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Monday, 23 July 2007
Great Pun

Tucked away in the "Letters" column of the August 2007 issue of my favorite Papo-Paleo-Con magazine Chronicles is this simply terrific pun—so terrific it left me wondering if it is the writer's own, or some kind of classic I have somehow never spotted before.

The letter-writer is Christie Davies, author of The Strange Death of Moral Britain .  The pun occurs at the end of a paragraph whose topic is "male homosexuals, the family, and demography."  Here are the last two sentences of that paragraph:

"My very recent research on why royal dynasties (whose lineage is vital) die out does not indicate that male homosexuality has been an important factor.  For royalty, the bottom of the page does not mean the end of the line."

Posted on 07/23/2007 7:00 AM by John Derbyshire
23 Jul 2007
Paul Blaskowicz

"For royalty, the bottom of the page does not mean the end of the line."

I heard a variation on this from  Micheal  mac Liammoir - a London Jew (from an assimilated and converted family)who reinvented himself as a Gaelic-speaking Irish nationalist  plus catholique que le Pape - and did the university circuit in the 70s with his production  The Importance of Being Oscar. It  also uses two idioms  to good effect.

 "Oscar frequently announced  that he intended to turn over a new leaf.  Whenever he did he was inclined to start at the bottom of the page..."

I believe the joke had been in the public domain since the gay Nineties, but cannot find it on google.

The Importance of Being Oscar