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Wednesday, 8 August 2007
John Edwards

Brad Warthen has an (I thought) pretty devastating piece on John Edwards' populism in America's Newspaper of Record this item.

Posted on 08/08/2007 4:36 PM by John Derbyshire
10 Aug 2007
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Derb, y'know I worship you, right? But seriously, of all of the articles available on the internets, could you not have chosen one, any one, to better describe as a "pretty devastating piece on..." anything?

This piece was not only not devastating, it was downright laughably stupid. Edwards is a phony because the hectic schedule of a campaigner for office leaves him appearing tired and uninspired when he appears for his hundredth speech of the month? Oh, but then...when he talks to them...he smiles! Hah! What a fake! I just saw him look drained a moment ago!

I mean, seriously...

And the other examples offered are just as stupid. If this guy wants to nominate Gandhi he'd best be looking elsewhere, the American political system isn't mohatmas' most likely place to make an appearance. Edwards is a human, and by virtue of being both lawyer and a politician an obviously labeled deeply flawed human, but if these "three strikes" are really the most "devastating" examples of his "phoniness" then I'm afraid he's clearly the most ethical and noble of any of the candidates of either party.


P.S. If any of y'all don't believe me that such activity doesn't fall within the category of irredeemable "phoniness" just ask anyone who speaks before audiences for a living. I've spent months at a stretch doing just that and I can tell you that after two prior talks that day you tend to feel a bit drained only to be magically energized through the experience of making love with your third audience. (When you like the speeching and are good at it, it's because you relate with audiences in a rather intimate way. No hard-on is required but the experience is truly like one of a most wonderful first date.)   ~  m