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Monday, 20 August 2007
That Is Breaking News!
That the church lady has been arrested and is being "processed for deportation." 
Note that this woman used to work, using a false Social Security number, cleaning planes at O'Hare airport.  Just the kind of work you want illegal immigrants doing, right? 
Posted on 08/20/2007 10:20 AM by John Derbyshire
21 Aug 2007
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I'm actually in Chicago right now where the local NPR station is treating her like the moral voice of the planet. Every news update informs us about her latest bowel movements and the great love and devotion that millions of crying masses feel for her. It is extraordinary. I mean, this is the sort of treatment that we Jews would really have appreciated from any corner of the world some 60 years when we were being slaughtered in our tens of thousands by the day.
It appears that true causes for raising the alarm bells of righteous indignation can hardly beg a kopek of sympathy while bullshit urgencies regarding the "civil rights" of non-molested non-citizens can command the attention of the nations ears some 24/7.
What the fuck is wrong with humanity?!

20 Aug 2007
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Right-o. She could well have been planting "dirty rosaries" in the barf bags, or anthrax-laced tamales in the galley. We could've had a "huarache-bomber" on our hands.

We've dodged a bullet in this case!