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Thursday, 30 August 2007
Make A List

Take thirty minutes. And write down, for each of the other "two abrahamic faiths," a list of one hundred people who now are part of the history of art, literature, science, philosophy. You may include names of those who, while they may be atheists, certainly came out of, were formed by,  a civilization that can reasonably have been called Judeo-Christian and is now called, possibly a bit too optimistically, "Western civilization")

In one minute flat you should be able to write Newton and Locke and St. Augustiine and Shakespeare and Dante and Leonardo and Michelangelo and Einstein and Spinoza and Maimon...oops, time's up for me.

Now, when you have completed those lists, try to do the same for Islam. Remember, you are not writing a list of "famous Muslims" but of Muslims who have contributed significantly to the art and science and thought of the Western world or even to the world. Go ahead. One hundred names. Thirty minutes. Make it thirty hours. Make it thirty days.



This link provides a list of the Five Greatest Muslims (listed as the "Five Greatest Persons" under the website's more general title "Five Greatest Muslims") of all time.

These are...the envelope, please.....yes, The Prophet Muhammad....well, no surprise there....The Prophet Abraham.....The Prophet Jesus....The Prophet Moses....and, finally, wait, I can't see the bottom of the Teleprompter...there, that's better...The Prophet Noah.

Posted on 08/30/2007 4:03 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
30 Aug 2007

Muslims will just claim that Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin, Da Vinci, James Joyce, Einstein and everyone else they covet were Muslims who didn't realise it, you know, like how we're all Muslims, and so was Jesus and Moses and when we all see the light we'll be 'reverts' and not 'converts'. Backdates Islam and all that kind of thing, such a jealous and envious religion.


30 Aug 2007
Ouch... However, the sarcasm is not quite merited. For there were great Muslim and Arab thinkers who wielded great influence over Western civilization, such as: