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We Are Paying These People Not To Blow Us Up

Washington Times: BAGHDAD — Many U.S. soldiers on the ground in Baghdad caution that improved security in the capital city will last only as long as the surge. If American troops were to leave, they say, the insurgents could be back within hours...

One soldier, who has taken part in the distribution of hundred-thousand-dollar contracts in the Sunni area south of Baghdad, once known as the Triangle of Death, said he was basically buying a cease-fire.

"I can't believe we are paying these people not to blow us up," he said, asking that his name not be used...

"My job is infantry; it is to target, kill or arrest insurgents. But the way we go about doing it is police-department policy. And I am not a cop — that is not my job," said one U.S. soldier, who asked that his comments remain anonymous...