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Mot Juste con't.

Another reader works the problem:

Derb—I am not even going to bother arguing the correctness of "Islamocataphronesis" in any way shape or form; I is an engineer.

However, if pop culture is filth, doing battle with it may require getting some dirt on your hands, particularly when dealing with these "phobias" that incorrectly describe the condition. Perhaps a bit of license could be taken in adapting the Greek to our English as a suffix. For example:

    kataphronesis  →  -phronia

And so:

• Islamophronia
• homophronia
• Marxophronia

Et cetera.

Me: Interesting. "-phronia" may indeed have a future. However, you can have my "Islamocataphronesis" when you prise it from my cold dead fingers.