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Lunchtime in London, as the band played Downtown.
Hugh speaks of London currently Saudi Arabia celebrating
Not really, I have never seen so few people in the Mall for a State event.
I slipped out lunchtime hoping to get a look at the human rights, anti corruption demonstrations. They were at the other end of the Mall and I’m afraid after the Queen’s car went down the Mall toward Horseguards being a sucker for bands, especially the quality of a Guards band, I stayed where I was in the Mall opposite St James listening to the music while we waited for the Royal Family to return with the Saudi party.

The Queen was applauded on her way out. The return trip met silence. In the picture above I believe the man in  white to the left is Crown Prince Sultan and the Queen is opposite them in a dark red dress.
Prince Charles in a open landau abovewith some Saudi Princes gave a wave but there was more enthusiasm for the horses.
The procession began and ended with mounted police on greys, the Guards trotted on blacks either side of the coaches.
                                                                                                                   The green sword and shaheeda didn’t look right along the Mall at intervals with the Union Flag and as you can see from the picture above at some points the police and army outnumbered spectators.
Demonstrations are to continue tomorrow outside the Saudi embassy.