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Mosque land plan is rejected
A CALL to use taxpayers' money to buy the 18-acre site of the "Mega Mosque" at West Ham was rejected by councillors last night.
It also earned the proposer of using compulsory purchase powers, Christian People's Alliance councillor Alan Craig a rebuke and a charge that "as ever he seeks to promote division."
In his motion Cllr Craig made claims of breaches in planning regulations by the mosque trustees and that reports on contamination of the Caning Road site had been kept from the public.
He proposed the council and 2012 Olympic Games organiser get together and buy the site "as soon as possible" for redevelopment as a park or for homes or retail purposes.
The Christian magazine Inspire reported over the weekend that Councillor Craig planned to say thatin view of Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat's troubled track record of irresponsibility and illegality at the site, the Mayor should liaise with the relevant statutory authorities with a view to bringing the site into community ownership as soon as possible.
"Over recent years Tablighi Jamaat have flouted planning regulations, breached building control, broken a formal Memorandum of Agreement and failed to deal adequately with the health and environment risk from the highly contaminated soil," said Cllr Craig. "They have a lamentable track record of irresponsibility and illegality”.