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Beer today, gone tomorrow

This is a shame, from the BBC.

The World Cup in South Africa is four years away - but the country's beer has been knocked out during qualifying.

American giant Budweiser has gained the exclusive rights to sell beer inside 2010 World Cup stadiums.

Local brands met the same fate as the national side, which made an early exit from the recent Cup of Nations and failed to reach the 2006 World Cup.

SABMiller, the biggest local brewer, says it does not have a suitable brand for the $100m sponsorship deal.

I'm not a huge fan of Budweiser (do I duck and cover now or do US contributors agree with me as I have met several Americans who think the same?)  But one beer I do have good memories of from the days when I had no family responsibilities and could travel is Kenyan Tusker lager.   Made by East African Breweries I found it in my friends fridge, hum, I mean I found it to be refreshing and crisp.  There may have been good reasons why it was not possible but I would have liked to hear of an African beer prominent at an African event.

On our most recent holiday my husband was impressed by the products of the Iceni Brewery.  I prefered her chariot, the one said to have had swords on the wheels.  Which it didn't but the idea scared the Romans, which was a GOOD THING.

Another good thing.