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A vile ingenuity

Thanks to David Thompson for drawing my attention to this piece by Mona Charen on the nature of the enemy:

The next to last assassination attempt on Benazir Bhutto came... when a man in the crowd got the former prime minister’s attention. He was holding a one-year-old baby - Bhutto said later she thought it was a girl - and tried to hand the child across the sea of bodies. Bhutto said, “He kept trying to hand it to people to hand to me. I’m a mother. I love babies. But the [street lights] had already gone out and I was worried about the baby getting dropped or hurt.” So she turned away and ducked into her armoured vehicle. Just then, the baby’s body, rigged with explosives, detonated.

That is the nature of the enemy.

It was only a girl anyway. And it's nothing new.