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Hacked to death in the night.
AMMAN - A Jordanian woman hacked her 26-year-old daughter to death in her sleep with an axe for giving birth out of wedlock, the Jordan Times reported Sunday.

Hacked to death in the night.

Would you be at ease putting up, in your own house, as an overnight guest, a Believer in Islam, perhaps an affable co-worker or former college roommate, who assured you that all this business of Muslim hostility toward Infidels was "nonsense and lies"? Would you be at ease watching the evening news with him, seeing him take in the same stories, but perceive them in quite a different way? Would you wish to go to bed, and have your children go to bed, while down the hall your affable colleague had his own room. Any tiny hint of some worry, of some lapsus or raptus or anything else, directed possibly at you or one of the children?

If, in thinking this over, you are forced to admit to yourself that, despite your wish to believe that there is no cause for any suspicion or alarm, your wish to believe, perhaps even your insistence, that there is nothing wrong or worrisome about Islam, only about those who misinterpret or pervert it, you would be alarmed, then ask yourself a final question.

If you would worry about such a person staying in your house, in your home, overnight, for fear of what he might do, whether set off by something on the news, or something in his own life (suppose he asked to stay with you because he had lost his job, or lost his wife, or suffered some other setback), why should you not worry about such a person, about millions of such persons, staying not for one night, but for tens of thousands of nights, forever, and becoming ever more numerous, ever more demanding, ever more threatening, in your land. For what is this land, if not our national home, our country's estate?