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Re: Qana

Just came from listening to the hideously shrill voice of Judy Swallow, as she presented her al-Jazeerish version of events in Lebanon, including how those mad-dog Israelis deliberately killing civilians (how dare they hide behind the fact that Hezbollah hides behind civilians! how dare they point to the ten days of constant warning, by computerized telephone calls and leafletting all over southern Lebanon, urging civilians -- the real civilians and not the "civilians" who consist of family members of Hezbollah, determined to remain and aid the fight, not least by assuming they can permanently prevent Israeli attacks on missile-launchers placed in their midst), and then as she proceeded to attempt to brow-beat the Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, when he said, quietly but firmly, that Israel would be "prepared to support" a "cease-fire" under which Hezbollah would no longer be allowed to possess and use those 12,000 missiles (minus 1,700 already fired -- all 1,700 of them at civilian targets -- and whatever number the Israelis have managed to destroy. That calm statement infuriated the always-nearly-hysterical Judy Swallow, who was at her shrillest wondering why Regev said Israel "would support" a cease-fire, why it could not, surely, "call for a cease-fire" itself. A moment's thought would tell her, even if she fails to realize why a cease-fire is not in Israel's, or America's, or the West's, or the Infidel world's best interest (that is beyond Judy Swallow, that is beyond Ian Lustig, that is beyond the BBC, its loaded list of "experts"), and why were Israel itself to call for it, that would be taken as a sign of victory by Hezbollah. Her foolish cruelty was followed by an interview with one Charles Tripp, of the School of Oriental and African Studies, which everyone knows is no longer what it once was, and is now a hotbed for anti-Israel sentiments and "scholarship" (ask J. B. Kelly about how "dreadful" -- his adjective -- the SOAS has become, ask Kenneth Minogue, ask Donald Watt, ask the shade of Elie Kedourie). Tripp, of course, being sure to refer back to the killing of Lebanese civilians at Qana several years ago, had nothing to say about those 12,000 -- perhaps now a mere 6,000? -- missiles still all over Lebanon, nor was there the slightest hint of any willingness to sympathetically imagine, by imagining 1,700 missiles being fired into, say, London (metropolitan London being vaster than Israel), and what his reaction, or that of the British government would be, even if most of those missiles somehow landed harmlessly on cricket pitches or in the Thames.

That was the BBC. Par for the course. Who in Great Britain will join Vladimir Bukovksy in others in trying to take control of a runaway and vicious organization, an organization that is not part of the defense against Jihad, but a promoter of the world-wide Jihad, and not only, as some may delude themselves into thinking, against tiny, maximally imperiled Israel.