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"There are over 50 million muslims in Europe"
-- from a reader

No. There are right now fewer than 20 million Muslims in Western Europe, possibly only 15 million, out of a total E. U. population of about 450 million. Yet that is not cause for complacency. Look at how aggressive Muslims have been in the Netherlands, in Great Britain, in France, in Denmark (Muslim leaders in Denmark not only protesting the cartoons, but actively touring the world, whipping up Muslims outside Denmark to engage in economic and diplomatic boycotts of Denmark, and issuing death threats against "the Danes"), in Germany, in Italy (with Adel Smith, a convert and "leader" of Italian Muslims demanding that the crucifix be removed everywhere, a move which enraged even determined atheists and anti-clericals such as Oriana Fallaci, who understood the significance of such a demand), and indeed everywhere.

And what a nightmarish expense and difficulty it is already to guard airports, train and metro and bus stations, government buildings, churches and synagogues, even the art-work that might be vandalized in museums, and to provide protection even for members of Parliament such as Geert Wilders, or for heads of parties (as in Norway) or for apostates (Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to leave the Netherlands). "If they do this when the wood is green, what will happen when the wood is dry" it says in Luke. Well, "if they do this when they constitute a mere 3%, or possibly 5%, of the total population in the Infidel nation-states, then what will happen when they become, if they are allowed to become, 10%, or 20%? Long before Muslims are a majority they will have created the conditions that will render non-Muslims helpless to defend their own civilizational legacy.

Look at the how expensive, time-consuming, mind-consuming are all the endless legal battles waged, the time used up by lawyers, courts, to satisfy, or not, the demands of Muslims, those who claim that there has been :discrimination" at a municipal pool, where burga-wearing was banned, or at schools (the "guerre des foulards" in France), or as witnesses (protesting the insistence of a judge that niqabbed faces be revealed by those giving testimony in court), and so on -- and those cases, those attempts to change the legal and political rules, the social arrangements, the everything of Infidel lands will never, can never, stop. But they can be controlled and contained, and that requires dealing with the demographic conquest that cannot continue to be merely observed, noted, and bewailed, but observed, noted, and fought.

Most likely a total of 15 million, in the member states of the E.U. And some are counted as "Muslims" who may in fact have fallen away. That means Muslims constitute about 3%. Let's make it 5%, just for the hell of it. But among them are many who are not yet -- and do not ever have to be made -- citizens. There are plural wives. There is fiddling of the system in every way. There is criminality. All of this could be made grounds for expulsion. Here's an idea: a law that says that anyone who is a naturalized citizen, but within a certain period (say ten years) is convicted of a crime beyond the level of a misdemeanor, "can be subject" to being stripped of citizenship and deported. There will be discretion in enforcement, and it could be selectively enforced against those who, because of what is in their mental baggage, pose a permanent threat.

Changes in immigration policy have to be instituted quickly, all over Western Europe. The absurdly capacious definition of "refugee" must be re-dimensioned, for it is silly to describe a Muslim from a Muslim country as a "refugee." Sunnis from Iraq who have left Baghdad, for example, under Shi'a pressure, have all of the Sunni parts of Iraq to settle in. The same with the Shi'a. Or, for that matter, there are 22 Arab states, and it is absurd for Infidel lands to believe that they -- and that includes the United States -- have an "obligation" to allow in more Muslims, when we have evidence aplenty, from what is happening in Western Europe, of what that means for the peace, tranquility, and continued stability of our own legal and political institutions, and our physical security.

It is not beyond the wit of Western man to construct a system whereby illegal Muslim immigrants are interdicted, and quickly returned to sender, and the police in Western Europe should be spending much more not only to interdict those boatloads, but also to locate, and seize all of the assets of the smugglers, so that the crime will not pay. And anyone found to be easing the entry of Muslim illegals, of hiding them in the Muslim communities, should be subject to similar punishments and, above all, seizure of assets (jail terms too often simply provide a "captive audience" of Infidels subject to campaigns of Da'wa).

Save for the remains of the Ottoman day that one finds in the Balkans, and a distinct group of Muslims in Bulgaria, there are very few Muslims in Europe-extra-E.U. -- that is, in Central and Eastern Europe. There are some in Switzerland, a country that, however, makes the acquiring of citizenship difficult. (The greed of some Swiss for Arab oil money has played a role in delaying recognition, just as the temporary need for manodopera in Germany and France thirty years ago, led to the negligent admission of Turkish and North African workers who were seen, quite incorrectly, only as gastarbeiter. The Pakistanis who came to Great Britain were allowed in mainly out of some sentimental business permitting entry to "members of the Commonwealth" and also played a role in admitting Muslims (Hindus are another matter) booted out of Uganda by Idi Amin, and made unwelcome in other black African nations. For some reason no one thought they should go to Pakistan, oh no. It was Great Britain's "responsibility" to take them in. And it did. It's always and everywhere the "responsibility" of the Western world to take in Muslim "refugees" from the very lords of misrule who rule unchallenged, in large part, because of the habit of submission to the ruler that Islam, locating political legitimacy not in the expressed will of the people but in the will expressed by Allah in the Qur'an (and further glossed by the Sunnah), is responsible for. But do those "refugees" from Muslim countries leave the ultimate, if not proximate, cause, of the political, economic, social, moral and intellectual failures of the places they leave behind, when they come as "refugees" to Great Britain or the United States? Do they, that is, come as refugees from the Nazis came, or refugees from the Communists came, hating Nazism, hating Communism? No, they do not. They come, for the most part, with Islam in their mental baggage, and do not have to declare it upon entry, nor any time later on. They remain true to what, if they analyzed things correctly, caused their own countries of origin to be so unpleasant, and the absence of which, as a dominant force, in the Western world, helps explain the difference, and Western superiority, as Gogol might put it, "in all respects."