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Three St David's Days

My breakfast DJ, Tony Blackburn, has just announced that today is St David's Day and greetings to all Welsh listeners.  Who are a lucky bunch this year.  Because yesterday was also St David's Day, and tomorrow will be St David's Day again.  It's because today, the 1 March,  is Ash Wednesday so the celebration of the saint himself was moved.  The Catholic Church moved it forward, and the Church of Wales moved it back.  They do talk to each other but obviously not about this.

 Read all about it on the BBC


 I don't have a problem with a three day bash.  St David is the only patron saint of the UK born and bred in the country he is patron of.  St George's Day is taking off, and St Patrick went global years ago.  I'm not sure how much the Scots make of St Andrew's day at the end of November.