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A Deeper Contradiction in the Administration's Palestinian Policy

I have a piece this morning urging (hoping, praying) that the State Department not intervene on behalf of terrorists against American victims of terror.  The case involves a federal court judgment of $174 million against the Palestinian Authority and the PLO for killing an American in a terrorist attack in Israel in 2002.

My article discusses the insanity of a counterterrorism policy that rewards terrorists with aid and statehood.  Powerline's excellent Scott Johnson highlights a deeper contradiction:

It is the contradiction represented by the administration's efforts to create a Palestinian state when the PA has failed to take the first step of the roadmap requiring the renunciation of terror and the dismantling of the terrorist infrastructure reflected in the Ellis lawsuit.

It is the administration's abandonment of the roadmap — Secretary Rice's declaration that the administration was no longer "stuck in the sequentiality of the roadmap" — that perhaps most seriously contributes to the dilemma confronting the Bush administration today.