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Denmark and Netherlands banned from Arab film festival
Officials of an Egyptian-sponsored children’s film festival will not allow Denmark or The Netherlands to participate due to the countries’ mocking of Islam.
The director of an international children’s film festival to be held in Egypt next week has prohibited anyone from Denmark or The Netherlands to take part in the event or to submit films.
Fawzi Fahmi told Radio Netherlands that the action was ‘a symbolic gesture toward all those who have insulted and degraded monotheistic religions’.
Denmark has recently been the target of protests from Muslim countries because its media reprinted the infamous Mohammed drawings after police thwarted an assasination plot against one of the cartoonists. In The Netherlands, a new film from Dutch politician Geert Wilders attacks Islam’s holy book, the Koran.
The boycott will hardly affect any Danes, however, as the country has not participated in the festival since 2005 and had no scheduled entries for this year.
Films from The Netherlands will, however, be affected.