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I keep saying that the BBC is d**m near treasonous at times.

Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg


    will be a guest on World Service radio today. What would you like to ask him?   What do you want to know about his experiences? You can put your questions to him at 1800 GMT on World Have Your Say.

As it happens the majority of people, who have the most recommended comments want to ask him things like:-

"If you despise the West so much, why do you live here?"

"Do you intend to go back to live in Afgahistan? If not? why not?
Do you intend to renounce your UK citizenship? If not? why not?"

"Would you attend a meeting with the families of those who sadly lost their lives in London and explain why you attended terrorist training camps?"

"Why is the BBC giving a self confessed AlQaeda supporter/activist/terrorist a platform to spread their propaganda and lies."

"Do you feel relieved that you were not executed for being a traitor?"

"had you recieved training to kill unarmed civilians who work day and night for their bread and butter??? you would still like to consider you as a muslim?"   This from a city in Pakistan.

And my personal favourite - well said Graham of Chester

"Firstly, please explain the concept of "Dhimmi" for those who have never heard of it.

Secondly, please justify how Muslims can be expected to be treated as equals in a Western Society when their very religious text advocates discrimination against those who refuse to convert or submit to Islamic rule."

Of course there are a few questions from apologists and supporters.

"I hope Allah (swt) brings you peace and harmony into you and your family for the rest of you life. Remember Allah is all knowing and will punish whose who tortured you in the hereafter.

Mohammed Nurul Alom, London "

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to listen the programme but I wonder whether the questions put to him will reflect the comments on Have your Say or a prior agenda?

* * * *

I have managed to get the broadcast.  Taqqyia, taqqyia, taqqyia.  As I suspected questions from other Muslims, denial that he was a combatent,  misunderstanding and ignorance of his position, and we should read his book to hear the truth.

I don't think so.

* * * *

I left the broadcast before it finished but from this resume I don't seem to have missed as such as I expected. The two callers who were critical of him, a lady who said that 60 years ago his behaviour would have merited a fireing squad, and Andy from Liverpool who I mentioned in the comments are not featured in the resume. When you compare the number and vehemence of the  comments made in advance, with the ones actually used the criticisms that have been made to the BBC have merit.