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Lost At Stonehenge

In 1969 I went to Stonehenge and lost my glasses in the grass. Anyone happen to find them?

I ask, even at this late date, not only because I miss those non-National-Health frames, but because I'd hate it if those glasses had been trampled underfoot, and then archeologists were now to find their crushed remains and draw the wrong conclusions. It's not a theoretical problem. Just look what crazy things were concluded about the Bog People after some visitor to one of the more remote sites dropped his Blackberry, and two years later, some Estonian graduate student in archeology came to the site, and found what the visitor had lost, and made his find the centerpiece of his revolutionary thesis, the one involving UFOs and Lost Atlantis. The whole thing was published to great acclaim in the Acta Universitatis Upsalensis. It took years for the profession to recover.