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Gates' New Strategy, Same As Old Strategy

Which is to say, it's not much of a strategy at all. WaPo:

...Gates embraces the "Long War" term that his predecessor, Donald H. Rumsfeld, invoked to equate the fight against terrorism with struggles against Soviet communism and Nazi fascism. His strategy, however, departs from Rumsfeld's focus on preemptive military action and instead encourages current and future U.S. leaders to work with other countries to eliminate the conditions that foster extremism.

"The use of force plays a role, yet military efforts to capture or kill terrorists are likely to be subordinate to measures to promote local participation in government and economic programs to spur development, as well as efforts to understand and address the grievances that often lie at the heart of insurgencies," the document said. "For these reasons, arguably the most important military component of the struggle against violent extremists is not the fighting we do ourselves, but how well we help prepare our partners to defend and govern themselves." ...

There is still no sign of any comprehension of Islam at the top. One reason for this, of course, is the fact that Hesham Islam, aid to the Defense Department’s Deputy Secretary, Gordon England, has actively blocked those who would educate the Defense Department on Islam, namely Stephen Coughlin, and who knows what other kinds of information he has changed, or colored, or blocked to reflect the mantra, Islam is a religion of peace, and woe to those who say otherwise.

Gates is also likely to stay on as Defense Secretary under either an Obama or a McCain Administration.