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Radio Talk Show Panel to Discuss Islamic Saudi Academy

Radio talk show panel to discuss Islamic Saudi Academy: August 31st:  Jerry Gordon of the NER to participate

Listen to New English Review Contributing Editor Jerry Gordon  and a panel discuss the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA)  and its sponsor, the Royal Saudi Embassy, that lease  public facilities from  Fairfax County, Virginia on Sunday, August 31st at 3:20PM EDST on the Larry & Larry Show on radio station WIBG, Atlantic City.  Listen here. Gordon has published major articles about the ISA on the NER here and here.  In addtiion to Gordon, the panel will include:

Christine Brim, Center for Security Policy, Moderator;
Jim Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition; and,
Patrick Poole, contributor, Pajamas Media.

Find out how citizen activists organized protests against  the Saudi Embassy backed ISA following the release of a study of its hate-ridden Islamic Studies texts  by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and how non-Muslim faculty were actually treated at the ISA. Learn more about what citizen action can do to find out information about Saudi infiltration in the US and why little has been done about it by the US State Department and Congress.  This is the second in a series of special reports organized by the CSP. The first one in July on WIBG featured Christine Brim of the CSP discussed the problems of Shariah compliant finance with David Yerushalmi.