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Charter will force BBC to back Britain

This is from the Sunday Times this morning.  I had already read the BBC website and there was nothing about this!  I wonder why not?

THE BBC is to be forced to promote British citizenship and a sense of community under a new royal charter to be unveiled this week.

It will redefine the purpose of the BBC, entrusting it with a far wider brief than its established mission to “inform, educate and entertain”.

The BBC’s leading dramatists reacted with dismay to the demand — to sustain citizenship and civil society — which they fear will force the corporation to do the government’s bidding........

Andrew Davies, the BBC’s most prolific and successful drama writer responsible for hits such as Pride and Prejudice, said: “It sounds Stalinist. It looks like the BBC will be doing the government’s propaganda. Part of the BBC’s function should be to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy.” ......

Which would be fine if "challenging the prevailing orthodoxy" was what they were doing currently.  Instead they support the "prevailing orthodoxy" of political correctness, and a news bias which at times has verged on treason, in my opinion. 

Activists gave notice that they will seek to exploit the measure to force the BBC to “clean up” its programming. John Beyer, director of Mediawatch-UK, said: “This means much more than the BBC thinks.

“It’s not just things like impartial news. It is about reflecting good behaviour on the BBC and using good language. The BBC has a moral role. As a lobby group we will now use this phrase as a way to make the BBC act responsibly.”

I'm less worried about the moral tone.  I don't actually like the moral tone a lot of the time but I can supervise family viewing and use the off button. I don't want to go too far down the moral majority road but I do want to lose the biased reporting. The venom in Orla Guerlin's voice whenever she  speaks of Israelis. The constant pro Islam-the-religion-of-peace drone.  And it's anti-semitic kid brother.

But I'm not holding my breath.  The only thing I can rely on is that the BBC will continue to be funded by my licence fee for a few more years yet, and that fee is expected to rise.