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Morena Alert
A reader notifies me:

"I hope that you have not missed the news that Morena Baccarin is now appearing in Stargate-SG1.  She plays the now-matured genetically-manipulated child that they evil Aurai created to lead their conversion of our galaxy.  If you've dropped out of this series, this relatively new enemy consists of evil cousins of the ascended Ancients who built the stargates.  Morena first appeared this past Friday in the start of a two-parter.  I have no idea how long her role will last.  They do some odd things with her eyes that somewhat detract from her looks, but, hey, she's still stunning."

[Derb]  Odd things with her eyes?  They could give her a St*r Tr*k-style bumpy forehead, I'd still get hot flushes every time she appeared.