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The Forlorn Hope Of American Strategy In The Subcontinent

From an article in The Times about the American government's "strategy" and India's relations with Pakistan: 

"Mr. Obama’s advisers have spent the past few days watching the unfolding crisis for hints about how the situation might look after Jan. 20. While they said they understand that the tensions unleashed by the Mumbai attacks might hobble the new president’s aspirations, they held out hope that the attacks might, instead, open the door to increased cooperation between Pakistan and India to weed out militants intent on more attacks."

Why would  Pakistan, a Muslim state run of, by, and for Muslims, ever really be able to "weed out militants intent on more attacks against Infidels"? The Muslims around Zardari do not disagree with the goals of Jihad but only with some of the methods chosen, if they prove more damaging to the Muslims. But their heart is not on any real "weeding out of militants" and the government of Pakistan cannot possibly do so in any case, for such "militants" are all over the army and the government itself, and those people have the Qur'an and Hadith on their side, as those who might wish to cooperate with the Infidels -- Americans or Indians, it hardly matters --  know full well, and so they cannot cooperate in a way that those Infidels can count on. Their efforts will be characterized by mendacity, and how can it be otherwise, in a Muslim state, where Islam has not been tamed. Even Ataturk's systematic effort took not only nearly two decades of his strong-arm methods and clever changes in the laws and society of Turkey, and the development of the cult of the Turk and of Ataturk-worship that helped supplant worship of Muhammad. And yet despite all that, and despite, after Ataturk's death in 1938, sixty more years of efforts by his followers and successors to strengthen Kemalism, Islam is nonetheless not only not disappearing but is back, and with a vengeance, and Muslims are trying to undo all that Ataturk did, and so far are being held at bay mainly by a brave and resolutely secular judiciary, with the threat of action by the Turkish army still held in abeyance. How could Pakistan, where unlike in Turkey there has never been a strongman determined, and able, to limit the power of Islam, the Muslims have only a single identity, provided by Islam itself. They have lost any connection to a pre-Islamic (i.e., Hindu or Buddhist) identity, have no interest in "Mother India" (that's a notion for Hindus, and other non-Muslims) and if Islam is for the primitive masses of Pakistan the sum of their world, how could they ever be expected, by Obama's advisers or anyone else, to truly cooperate with the Indians or the Americans. Of course, feigned cooperation by the government of Pakistan, in order to win more economic and especially military aid from the Americans, is another thing entirely.