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Platitude City

I have sometimes wondered whether I was a little harsh about "Ed" Husain, the ex-"Islamist". After all, he preaches moderation, and may be sincere. But this Prodigal Son has been feasting on the fatted calf for a long time now. Hard questions need to be asked.

Today's nice little earner is Husain's column in The Telegraph, ostensibly denouncing "extremism". And how does Husain propose to put an end to 1400 years of Jihad? Read for yourself:

Last week also marked the beginning of a series of events where young, home-grown pluralist Muslims engage in unbridled discussions with senior officials from government and from across civil society. Hosted by the Quilliam Foundation, Britain's first Muslim-led counter-extremism think tank, these roundtables will expose key opinion formers to intra-Muslim discourse.

That'll do the trick. Unbridled discourse, and perhaps, for good measure, some roundtable triangulation.